The Title and Cowl of 100+ Instances

Randy and I titled the primary version of our ebook, 100 Supreme Court docket Instances Everybody Ought to Know. Once we started the mission, it was by no means our intent to incorporate precisely 100 instances. Fairly, after we completed compiling the checklist of a very powerful selections, we realized we had been proper round one-hundred. We thought placing that spherical quantity within the title could be good for promotional functions. However in equity, we had been really over 100. We had 103 instances to be exact.

For the second edition, we needed to modify the case rely. We deleted 5 instances: McCreary County v. ACLU of Kentucky (2005), Van Orden v. Perry (2005). United States v. Windsor (2013), and Burwell v. Interest Foyer Shops (2014), and Entire Lady’s Well being v. Hellerstedt (2016). That introduced the whole all the way down to 98 instances. However we additionally added 12 new instances: Engel v. Vitale (1962), Baker v. Carr (1962), Gideon v. Wainwright (1963), Tinker v. Des Moines Unbiased Neighborhood College District (1969), New York Occasions v. United States (1971), Wisconsin v. Yoder (1972), Shaw v. Reno (1993),  City of Greece v. Galloway (2014), American Legion v. American Humanist Affiliation (2019), Kennedy v. Bremerton College District (2022), New York State Rifle & Pistol Affiliation, Inc. v. Bruen (2022), and Dobbs v. Jackson Girls’s Well being Group (2022).

We shortly determined in opposition to altering the title to 110 Instances Everybody Ought to Know. Certainly, the exact quantity would fluctuate over time for future selections. Fairly, we made a everlasting repair: 100+ Instances Everybody Ought to Know. Certainly, the plus signal is in en vogue: Disney+, Paramount+, and so forth.

For the duvet, we added a plus signal to the appropriate of the “100.”

The plus contains the most recent additions to the ebook. Within the middle sq., we added the Peace Cross from American Legion. Within the prime sq., we included Justice Amy Coney Barrett, Coach Kennedy, Mary Beth Tinker, and Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson. The final addition got here later, as we needed to design the duvet earlier than Justice Jackson’s official affirmation. Within the left sq., we included Thomas Dobbs of the Mississippi State Division of Well being, Robert Nash of the New York State Rifle & Pistol Affiliation, Susan Galloway of City of Greece, and New York State Police Superintendent Kevin P. Bruen. Within the backside sq., we included Tennessee Secretary of State Joe C. Carr, Daniel Ellsberg (leaker of the Pentagon Papers), President Richard Nixon, and Lawyer Normal Janet Reno. In the appropriate sq., we included Clarence Earl Gideon, Ernesto Miranda, Officer Carroll Cooley (who arrested Miranda), and Florida Division of Corrections Director Louis L. Wainwright.

We may have extra thrilling information tomorrow about Supreme Court docket-related pictures.