Ketanji Brown Jackson Is Already Proving To Be A Extra Respectable Decide Than Clarence Thomas And Amy Coney Barrett

Senate Judiciary Committee Considers Nominations For Judges

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Yesterday, the Courtroom heard oral arguments for College students for Honest Admissions v. President and Fellows of Harvard Faculty, one among two circumstances that may seemingly be the event to cast off affirmative motion as we all know it. As dreadful as that’s, all of us knew this was coming as soon as the ideological commitments on the bench mathed out to 6-3. For a very long time, the authority that vests the Courtroom’s choices with finality, legitimacy, was a fiction all of us held pricey.  Just like the notion of due course of, it was a noble lie that we trusted to maintain enough belief within the system for it to grind on as scheduled. The actual level value noting is that Ketanji’s dedication to avoiding habits that might recommend partiality just isn’t as enthusiastically shared by her benchmates. From Jezebel:

Conservative activist Ed Blum is challenging the race-conscious admission policies at the University of North Carolina and Harvard University via his group Students for Fair Admissions. Justice Jackson attended Harvard and served for six years on its board, and she will not participate in the argument about Harvard; the arguments were previously grouped together, but today the court is hearing them separately.

Meanwhile, Justice Thomas is married to MAGA nutcase Ginni Thomas—who said under oath to the January 6 Committee that the 2020 presidential election was stolen and badgered former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows to overturn the election—and he has not recused himself from any cases about said election or insurrection. As of May 2022, he hasn’t recused from any cases involving his wife’s political activism, including opposition to the Affordable Care Act.

Legitimacy — what the Courtroom has beforehand outlined as the final understanding among the many American public, that when the Courtroom points an opinion, what it’s doing is partaking on this principled evaluation, versus simply exercising the person views of the justices, is completed a disservice when Supreme Courtroom justices forgo the chance to take a seat out of conflicts the place they’ve some (even obvious) pores and skin within the sport. Particularly at a time when they’re mired in different biased primarily based controversies.

Final week, Thomas raised eyebrows by temporarily blocking Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) from having to testify in front of a Georgia grand jury about President Donald Trump’s efforts to challenge that state’s election results. (Thomas is assigned to emergency appeals from the circuit court that oversees Georgia.) We’ll see how he votes when the full Supreme Court considers Graham’s appeal—it’s just wild that a man whose wife played an integral role in trying to overturn election results could be an integral player in legal proceedings around the same matter, which has far-reaching consequences for democracy.

Considering that Chief Justice Roberts finger wagged at other judiciaries about the importance of keeping your hands clean, you’d think the players on his Court would be stellar examples of modeling judicial behavior. When it comes to Ketanji, sure. Clarence? Not so much. Justice Barrett isn’t doing too hot either. It sure would be nice if there were some code of ethics Supreme Court justices had to abide by when their own moral compasses aren’t enough to make them do the right thing.

Justice Jackson Recused Herself From a Supreme Court Case. Your Move, Clarence Thomas! [Jezebel]

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